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The Integra Baby Carrier is a brand-new carrier brought to you by the team behind the award winning Connecta Baby Carrier.
Designed by Sarah Sadler, the Integra Baby is the must have essential for the style conscious parent.
Sarah has worked in the baby carrying industry for over 11 years and is the longest practising Babywearing Consultant in the UK.Together with her team of qualified Babywearing Consultants she has worked hard to bring you the Integra Baby Carrier.
Made in the UK
Size 1 Integra
Gnomes Organic Cotton Outer
Oeko Tex Black Cotton Straps and Inner
Made in the UK
Size 1
	Suitable from newborn (7.5lb) until around 2 years of age
	Use the Accessory Strap to cinch the waist of the carrier to make it suitable for small infants.
	Front carries from birth
	Back carries from when baby can sit independently around 6 months

Integra Baby Size 1 - Gnomes