Camberley Sling Library 

The Wheatsheaf PH, 

Heatherside Ridge Arcade,

Camberley GU15 1AX

Every Other Tuesday


(see dates below)

 A fun and friendly fortnightly social for sling advice, chat and hire. Each session is attended by trained babywearing peer supporters and there is a full sling library with everything from stretchy wraps to woven wraps to buckle carriers. 


Entry is £2.00, refreshments are available to purchase. Older children are welcome!

Please check our FaceBook page before attending in case of cancellation or non-attendance of consultant due to illness/plague/armageddon. As time is often in short supply at Sling Meet sessions, we are limited in what we can show you and may recommend a consultation should you need more time. We cannot teach back wrapping from scratch at Sling Library sessions, although we can offer troubleshooting tips. If you wish to hire a particular carrier, please contact us in advance to reserve. Thanks!

Upcoming Sling Meets

January 2020:

Tuesday 14th 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 28th 10.30-12.30 

(Final session at St Francis Church, 121 Upper Chobham Road, Camberley, GU15 1EE)

February 2020:

(At our new location in The Wheatsheaf Heatherside))

Tuesday 11th 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 25th 10.30-12.30 

March 2020:

Tuesday 10th 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 24th 10.30-12.30


Tuesday 7th 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 21st 10.30-12.30


Tuesday 5th 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 19th 10.30-12.30 


Tuesday 2nd 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 16th 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 30th 10.30-12.30


Tuesday 14th 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 28th 10.30-12.30


Tuesday 11th 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 25th 10.30-12.30


Tuesday 8th 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 22nd 10.30-12.30


Tuesday 6th 10.30-12.30

Tuesday 20th 10.30-12.30

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